Simoniz USA

In-Bay Automatics

In-Bay Automatics BrochureThis section contains all the Simoniz® products offered for use in in-bay washing, including high pressure automatics and friction rollovers. It is broken down into categories by product application (Presoaks, Sealants, etc.).


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Dressing & Specialty Products

  • Black Ice
  • Pad Perfect

Presoaks and Detergents

  • Glide
  • Magic Luster
  • Magic Luster NC
  • Plus
  • Presoak Plus
  • Prime Pak Presoak
  • Touchless
  • Touchless NC

Drying Agents, Polishes and Sealants

  • Double Bond™
  • FC3 Drying Agent
  • Pressure Poly Glaze
  • UVP Triple Foam Royal Blue
  • UVP Triple Foam Violet
  • UVP Triple Foam Magenta
  • UVP Triple Foam Yellow
  • UVP Triple Foam Green Chartreuse