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Car Wash FAQs

Why should I use a professional car wash?

Professional car wash operators are passionate about car washing. They understand that your automobile represents a big investment, and that the average new car is now kept for an average of seven years, with an afterlife of several more. The way you protect your car’s appearance has a direct effect on the life of your car and its overall value. That’s why it’s important to “let a car wash professional do it.” Car wash professionals have on-line staff that are fully trained and often times certified. A management team, whose careers span many years in the car wash industry, usually backs this on-line staff. They are constantly looking for better and more efficient ways to deliver to you the cleanest, shiniest car possible.

Professional car wash equipment is operated by sophisticated computers that map out your car and apply the cleaning solutions and polishes at the right time, at the right temperature. These computers control all of the dilutions and chemistry of what goes into cleaning your car, so that there can be no mistake. Plus, commercial car washes help to protect the environment. The soiled water from professional car washes is often times recycled or piped to water treatment facilities. Delivering a clean and sparkling car at the end of the car wash process is no small feat. Professional car washes strike the perfect balance between the chemical and mechanical energy used to ensure a clean car. In today’s busy world, a professional car wash can save you time and money! Regular car washing makes your car feel good, and it pays off at trade-in time. Do it right … let a car wash professional do it!

There seem to be so many different types of car washes. What are they, and what do they do?

  • Conveyorized Tunnel Car Wash
    This type of car wash refers to one that loads your vehicle onto a conveyor, and guides it through a series of detergent applications, car wash equipment and a rinse and blower system. There are a variety of different types of conveyorized tunnel car wash operations outlined below.
  • Full-service Car Wash
    This is the most thorough of car washes. Your car will have the exterior cleaned, the inside of the windows, as well as a vacuuming of the interior. This will be done while you wait in a comfortable waiting room.
  • Exterior Car Wash
    This type of car wash typically utilizes a car wash tunnel, which cleans, shines and dries the exterior of your automobile. It uses the same basic equipment used in a Full Service car wash but interior windows and vacuuming are not done.This is a fast, convenient way to protect your car from the elements, and typically takes less than 5 minutes. In this type of wash you stay in your vehicle.
  • Self-Service Car Wash
    For those of you who love to clean your own car, there are do-it-yourself car washes in almost every town. In these car washes, you can wash your own vehicle with high-quality products using the wands and brushes, the way you like. Washing your own car is a lot of fun, and self-service car washes are the best way to do it.
  • In-Bay Touchless Automatic Car Wash
    This refers to touchless car washes that are often found associated with gas stations and convenience stores. At a touchless in-bay automatic car wash, you drive your car into a bay following the directions on the lighted signs, and the equipment goes around your car, cleaning it with properly balanced detergents and high-pressure water streams. This increasingly popular car wash service takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • Brushless Car Wash
    “Brushless Car wash” is an industry term that refers to car washes where the equipment (mitters and side wheels) consists of soft cloth pads. Cloth and newer generation synthetic versions of cloth are used because they are safe on a car’s surface, and a steady diet of brushless car washing goes a long way toward preventing paint oxidation from occurring.
  • Touchless® Car Wash
    Did you know that there is only one brand of Touchless® car wash products and services, and they are made by Simoniz. Everything else is an imitation. Touchless® means that a car wash is using Simoniz products. A touchless car wash can be both an in-bay car wash that travels around your car or a conveyorized tunnel car wash operation. A touchless wash process is one that is completely frictionless, and no cloth, bristle or mechanical action is used to clean your vehicle. Properly balanced detergents and a high-pressure water rinse system clean your vehicle during this process. And when it says Touchless®, it means they are using Simoniz products, because only Simoniz offers Touchless® car washing. Anything else is an imitation.

What are extra services, and what type of Simoniz extra services can I purchase at a car wash?

When you pull into your friendly professional car wash, many “extra services” are offered to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Simoniz products and services are offered and preferred by savvy consumers at car washes across the country, because our products are formulated for optimum performance. Make sure your favorite car wash uses Simoniz products, ask which Simoniz Services can be used to make your car look its very best!

  • Simoniz Tire Shine
    This increasingly popular tire-dressing service is now being offered at most conveyorized tunnel operations, both on-line and off-line. Our Simoniz Tire Shine can restore the original black luster to your tires to a fresh new look. This outstanding service will provide the finishing touch to a properly cleaned or detailed vehicle. Service recommendation: Every time you wash!
  • Simoniz Wheel Brite
    Many of today’s wheels and rims collect a dark and ugly metallic brake dust. Our Simoniz Wheel Brite cleaner is formulated with solvents and wetting agents to break the bond that holds the brake dust and other oily dirt to the wheels. This service is offered both manually or through an on-line Wheel Brite applicator. Service recommendation: Each time you wash your vehicle.
  • Simoniz Undercarriage Wash
    This extra service is outstanding for helping to clean and protect the part of your car you never see…the undercarriage. Properly placed spray nozzles mounted on the floor of the car wash flush the underside of your vehicle with water, which removes salt, sand and any other contaminants. Service recommendation: Every time you wash if there is salt and snow on the ground, otherwise every two months. 

Extra Services to Enhance Your Vehicle's Paint

  • Simoniz Triple Foam Conditioner
    Triple foam conditioners are formulated for today’s clear coat finishes. They are designed to clean and shine the surface by utilizing surface-active ingredients and silicone polymers. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.
  • Simoniz Clear Coat Sealer
    Our concentrated, lemon-scented clear coat sealer provides outstanding shine, and will aid in allowing your vehicle to dry spot free. This product is applied through a spray arch in an automatic car wash. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.
  • Simoniz Pressure Poly Glaze
    One of our most popular on-line extra services, this cherry-scented clear coat sealer has been specially formulated for high-pressure applications. Simoniz Pressure Poly Glaze will promote a shine on your vehicle and assist in drying. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.
  • Simoniz Foam Polish
    Simoniz Foam Polish provides extra-deep cleaning and shine. It is a combination of cleaning agents and silicone polymers, which are foamed onto your vehicle, and is typically buffed in with soft cloth or rinsed off under high pressure. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.
  • Simoniz Rust Inhibitor
    Simoniz Rust Inhibitor helps remove corrosive elements from a vehicle’s undercarriage, temporarily minimizing the rusting process. Simoniz Rust Inhibitor is best used in conjunction with Simoniz Undercarriage Wash. Service recommendation: Every two months.

What is Simoniz Express Detailing, and what Simoniz Express Detail services are available at professional car washes?

Simoniz Express Detailing is a no-appointment-necessary, while-you-wait professional auto detail service, performed by Simoniz certified technicians, using proven techniques and Simoniz professional detail shop products. Simoniz Express Detail services do away with the inconvenience of having to drop your car off and pick it up. Most services are provided at costs that will allow you have the services performed many times per year.

Simoniz Express Detail services include:

  • Simoniz Express Wax
    A special one-step polishing process, this procedure restores depth, shine and a rich gloss on your vehicle’s finish. Simoniz Express Wax is buffed into your car’s painted surface, and serves as a sunscreen to prevent damage from UV rays. Service recommendation: Three times per year.
  • Simoniz Super Clean Interior
    This process is a meticulous cleaning of the vehicle’s interior. Carpets and upholstery are vacuumed, a detailed cleaning of windows, dashboard, ashtrays, doorjambs, air vents and all other “nooks and crannies” inside your car. Service recommendation: As often as necessary. 
  • Simoniz Carpet Shampoo & Deodorizer
    Carpets are vacuumed, then any spots are treated with a special spot remover, then foam shampoo is applied. The carpet is then scrubbed and re-vacuumed with a dirt and water extractor. Service recommendation: Every two months.
  • Bumper to Bumper Complete Detail
    For that “show room” appearance, this service cleans and shines your vehicle inside and out. Services include Simoniz Express Wax, detailed interior cleaning, carpet & upholstery shampoo, leather cleaner and conditioner, rubber and vinyl protectant and black chrome and tire revitalizer. Service recommendation: Once per year.

I always want my car serviced by certified technicians. Does Simoniz® certify their detail technicians?

Yes, Have your car finish protected by a Simoniz-certified detailer.