Simoniz USA

SaniCheck FAQs

Where can I buy SaniCheck®?

All sales in the United States are managed by Simoniz® USA, Inc. a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of world class cleaning and hand care products. Contact Simoniz at 800-227-5536 x270.

What data does SaniCheck capture?

The units capture the following data points: Total number of entries into a room, total number of compliant entries (i.e. an entry made after properly dispensing hand sanitizer solution), total number of exits from a room and total number of compliant exits.

What size and type of room can I monitor?

The units will monitor single or double rooms, multi-bed wards, and have been successfully installed in rooms with regular doors, curtains, sliding glass doors, or open rooms…no door required!

Do I need to wear a special badge for the unit to work?

No, SaniCheck does not scan or read badges.

Does it monitor visitors and other non-nursing staff?

Yes, the SaniCheck unit monitors ALL foot traffic into and out of a patient’s room, 24/7/365.

Does SaniCheck connect to my hospital's IT network?

No, SaniCheck is a completely self-contained system. No network or specialized IT equipment is required.

Can it be upgraded in the future?

Yes, future upgrades are possible.

Do I need IT support to run SaniCheck?

No, the units do not need IT support. Data collection is typically handled by designated staff members.

Who installs SaniCheck units?

The Sanicheck unit and In An Instant Touch Free® sanitizer dispensers are designed to be installed by a hospital’s facilities department, with oversight and training provided by a Sanicheck representative.

What type of maintenance do the units require?

SaniCheck was designed to require almost no maintenance. Batteries should be replaced as indicated by the battery meter and come with a 5-year guarantee.