Simoniz USA

How It Works

The SaniCheck® hand sanitizing monitor uses a combination of visual and auditory signals to ensure proper and consistent hand sanitization. The system is simple, effective, and can handle the high volumes of room entries and exits found in real-life hospital situations. Giving both staff and visitors a visual and audible reminder to follow the established best practices protocol of sanitize in and sanitize out.

How SaniCheck Increases Hand Sanitizing Compliance

  1. DETECT: An infrared sensor detects approaching staff or visitors as they approach the patient's room.
  2. CHECK: If the appropriate amount of sanitizer is dispensed, a green light and audible tone provides positive feedback as the individual enters the room.
  3. REMIND: Entering the room without first dispensing hand sanitizer activates audible and visual alarms, reminding the healthcare staff or visitor to sanitize their hands.
  4. ENTER: Data points on the number of compliant entries and exists are captured by the SaniCheck unit. No personal identity information is collected.