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How do I Qualify for the 50% OFF Show Special?

To qualify for the show special to receive 50% OFF the Ceramic2MCWW, Ceramic4MCWW, & the Hotwax2MCWW arches you only have to purchase a total of (2) 30gal drums of the product associated with the arch! It is really THAT SIMPLE. And to make it even better, we are NOT locking you into a contract with this offer! Don't miss out!

This one time offer will last until 10/21/21


Simoniz has developed a unique molecule that when combined with a ceramic polymer and applied to the exterior surface of a vehicle, it chemically bonds with the vehicle’s paint and creates a layer of durable protection. This bonding occurs because the sealant carries positively charged ions that attract themselves to the negatively charged surface of the vehicle, attracting itself like a magnet.

  • Being hydrophobic, Simoniz Ceramic Sealant will repel water. When water makes contact with a coated surface, it will bead up for faster runoff.
  • The ceramic coating makes it more difficult for grime and mud to stick to the vehicle. If these elements should adhere to the surface, the cleaning process is faster and easier.
  • Simoniz Ceramic Sealant will improve the reflective properties of both the paint as well as the underlying clear coat, leaving the vehicle with a clear, deep shine.
  • Because of its extreme durability, Simoniz Ceramic Sealant will protect the vehicle’s gloss for longer stretches of time between car washing.



Hot wax is a term as old as the car wash industry itself, and for many years this was the only extra service made available in car washes. Originally, these formulations were based on Carnauba Wax. Carnauba Wax has long been the hardest known wax protection for vehicles surfaces. Over the years, Silicone and Polymer formulations took over this service because silicones added a greater shine and had no negative effect on glass. Today, SIMONIZ has developed a unique formulation and application that applies and actual Carnauba Wax, producing an incredible shine and protection to the entire vehicle.

Show Special Arches

Ceramic 2 MCWW Arch 

Ceramic 4 MCWW Arch


See it for yourself!

Below is a video that highlights the SIMONIZ Ceramic Sealant!

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