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Partnerships with new car and motorcycle dealerships are an integral part of the Simoniz company. Our vehicle protection programs are the most effective in the industry, and together they cover all vehicle surfaces, both inside and out. In today's competitive market, Simoniz-authorized dealerships offer customers enhanced coverage from environmental hazards, better protection of their investment, and superior peace of mind.

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GlassCoat is the world's most durable paint and interior protection system, scientifically proven and guarenteed to last. Simoniz-authorized dealerships can help their customers protect their vehicles' resale value by offering professional GlassCoat installation on new cars.



A package that encompasses our GlassCoat, Surface Pro, Vision Clear, Alloy Wheel Pro, and Sanicheck systems, ProSelect is a targeted vehicle protection program that lets you choose the level of desired coverage for the paint, interior, and windshield.

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Utilizing our exclusive GlassCoat technology, MotoTect protects motorcycle exteriors from environmental damage while providing long-lasting shine. Simoniz-authorized dealerships can help customers protect their new motorcycles' paint, chrome, and seats by offering professional MotoTect installation.


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If your dealership offers the GlassCoat or MotoTect programs, the Technician Certification test is your next step. Testing is offered online in both English and Spanish.

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