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MotoTect FAQs

What does a MotoTect 12 pack consist of?
The 12-pack contains: 12 MotoTect GlassCoat applications, 25 cotton applicator pads, 1 leather cleaner conditioner, 1 package of consumer brochures, 12 LIVE MotoTect warranties, 1 MSDS sheet, and 1 MotoTect application instruction sheet.

Is there a POP kit with the initial pre-paid order for 2-12pks?
Yes, MotoTect hang tags for your showroom floor

If the seat cracks or fades due to the sun and not a consumable food is it covered?
Yes, the MotoTect program covers all cracking on the seat.

If the customer buys saddlebags from the dealer can these be covered under the MotoTect warranty as well?
Yes, if they purchased at the time of sale.

Is the front fairing covered under the warranty?
Yes, as long as it was a factory installed component.

Can I apply it to the windshield?
Yes, and its covered under our warranty.

How long does it take to apply MotoTect?
It can take between 20-50 minutes depending upon the size of the Motorcycle.

How long does it take for the MotoTect with GlassCoat to cure?
When applying the product the initial polymerization will take about 5-10 minutes. Full polymerization will be achieved within 48 hours; however the bike is ready for any elemental issues it may face after the initial application.

Ducati and BMW bikes have carbon fiber on them; can you apply it to carbon fiber?
Yes, you may apply MotoTect to carbon fiber parts.

Some Ducati frames are not painted or chromed but they are anodized or stainless steel. Can you apply MotoTect to these types of surfaces? Are they covered under the warranty?
Most of the Ducatis happen to have painted frames. In the world of coatings, the use of anodizing and powder coating is used because it is less susceptible to damage. There is no harm in coating the surface if it is powder coated, anodized or plated.

If the bike is in for repair is there rental coverage available?
MotoTect does not offer rental benefit.

Can I still wax my bike?
Absolutely. You may use any type of car wash soap and/or wax that you are happy with to maintain the bike's appearance.

Is MotoTect safe to apply to chrome pipes and mufflers?
Yes, the product is safe to apply to mufflers and pipes. It has been tested to withstand up to 1000 degrees and also the hotter the glass coat gets the stronger it becomes.

Will MotoTect prevent heat bluing on the exhaust?

Are custom paint jobs covered?
Direct-from-the-factory paint jobs including custom paint are covered as long as they are factory direct.

If the bike is hand pinstriped after it is purchased, would that be covered if there is a repair to the area pinstriped?
The area that has damage would be covered but the pin striping, if removed during the repair, would be the customer’s responsibility.

Are quads, ATVs, and dirt bikes covered?
No, Only street legal bikes (registered and insured over-the-road bikes) are covered.

Are choppers or modified bikes eligible for the program?
Yes, but only if they are are factory built. Bikes modified by independent builders are not covered.

Are trikes covered?
Yes, as long as they are direct from the manufacturer (OEM). *Conversion kits are not covered.*

Are scooters covered?
Yes (registered & insured scooters only).