Simoniz USA

Sign Builder Tips & Tricks

  • For Menus & Pump Toppers – Create your Ultimate Top Wash Package first (include everything including the kitchen sink), then save this template. Now you can add this template to the next wash package and just delete the items you don't need or want. This is the fastest way to complete a menu design.
  • Any word that has (parentheses) around it is a logo.
  • You can right-click an image to "Copy Image" or "Save Image" to your computer (Then, you can print it or email it to your customer).
  • After you save a design, you can go back at any time and edit this menu or make any revisions (i.e., for a new customer with a new logo) and then save it as a new menu.
  • You could also enter "0" as a quantity and in the comment section enter "request a proof." The proof would then would be emailed to you from USG before an order is entered. Just remember, if you submit artwork to USG and then you have multiple revisions for USG to make, additional charges may be applied. If, however, you make the revision yourself, you can make unlimited changes without any costs.

As with anything, the first menu design will be the most time consuming, but then it really gets a lot easier. If you need any assistance, please contact United Sign Graphics and they will walk you through the template design process.