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Wondering how the Simoniz brand can enhance your business and your bottom line? Check out these testimonials from current Simoniz professionals!

People Love It

Just giving you a heads up on how happy and impressed my wife and I are with the new Simoniz Hot Wax set up that we have been using in our Touchless wash for the past year. It has moved up as our bestselling wash package and the people love it. Please find a way to get it on our Tandem unit; there is no doubt in my mind that it will increase my revenue on that side as well. We appreciate all your effort in making the Hot Wax a viable addition to our touchless wash packages.

Bill Stapleton, Choice Car Wash, Southboro, MA

These Guys Do Incredible Work

If you don't feel like reading the whole review, here's the takeaway: These guys do incredible work. They are extraordinarily thorough and customer-oriented. They are nice and professional guys. They have close ties to the community. You should absolutely, without reservation, go get your car detailed there.

I took my girlfriend's car to The Simoniz Garage several weeks ago for an interior detailing. I had called around to price a full interior detailing service, and although the price for this type of service is generally north of $100, the guys at Simoniz came in right around the median price. I had heard good things about their service, and a review on Yelp convinced me to give them a try. Glad I did.

My girlfriend's car had crap, crud, gunk in every nook and cranny, under the seats, on the dashboard, on the floor mats, etc. The cloth seats also had sundry food and dirty water stains on them. It was in such a state that I was expecting only a decently clean car back.

What I got was a brand new interior. I could not find a speck of dirt or debris ANYWHERE. The floor mats were immaculate, the control panel was clean and polished, and the seats looked better than they had looked in a couple years.

The guys who work there are friendly and professional. They are local guys, and they're working hard to make their small local business a success. They understand the value of client service, and they appreciate the importance of making a name for themselves in the community. For these reasons alone, you should support their shop.

If you are hesitant to get your interior detailed because of the price, I certainly understand your reticence. But I promise, you could spend your entire Saturday in your driveway with your vacuum, Armor All rag, and Windex, and you still wouldn't get your car as clean as these guys get it in just a few hours.

Oh, and they wash the exterior, too, as part of the package. Not too shabby!

Benjamin M., Resident, West Hartford

The Simoniz Garage

I had a vehicle that was looking neglected. Everything needed to be done. Rims, tires, exterior, carpets - everything. A neighbor of mine mentioned that this place opened recently and that I should check it out. I am very glad I did. The place is beautiful, complete with a nice area to lounge around and use the Wi-Fi or watch TV. There are places to eat within easy walking distance too. I met the staff, this bunch is really on their game. I was fortunate to receive a complete tour and I met the manager who was responsible for building this new location. If you drove by, you might not know they are here. The business is located behind the building that houses Shamrock Tattoo and Wings. On Park Road, across from Egg Roll Express. The business is in the lower level. It really is a nice spotless place. I was very pleased with the work they did for me too.

Posted on the Simoniz Garage Yelp page.

Customer at the Simoniz Garage


We've only been selling this for three days, and the customers love it. It really puts on a great show, and the cars look awesome. Tomorrow should be the real test. A nice Saturday. So far today we sold 42.

Scott Servetah, Capital Car Wash, Lawrenceville, NJ

Happy With Hot Wax & Shine Results!

I am extremely happy with the results of the Hot Wax and Shine. I have uploaded the video of the first vehicle run-through on the night we installed it and the vehicle came out almost completely dry. The water break and the dry-abilty and shine are unsurpassed!!! Attached is a picture of my truck after 4 run-throughs to adjust the timing. The picture was taken after the vehicle sat all night through the tropical storm Burl. Mind you I never dried this vehicle off at any time after the test washes and after the tropical storm. You have a winner here!!!! and have made a believer out of me. Can't wait to install at my other location. Thanks for another outstanding product; they ALWAYS do what you say they will. We developed a new top package around Hot Wax and Shine and I expect nothing less than a most favorable result!!!

Brian Troch, General Manager, Island Car Wash Hilton Head Island, Hilton Head

Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine

Now in our 37th year of operation in Hanover, MA, we are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve with innovation and customer experience. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best wash at the best value while offering the latest in car washing technology.

We didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to visit the Simoniz test facility to see the new Hot Wax machine in operation at the end of its testing phase. We were very impressed with the results and placed our order immediately to ensure we would be able to install one of the finished units as soon as they were available.

The amazing shine the Hot Wax leaves on the vehicle, coupled with the excellent marketing (including the nostalgic, vintage signage) made it a very easy choice for us. The new Hot Wax will enable us to continue providing our customers with a top shelf car wash experience they cannot receive anywhere else.

Christopher Zona, Posh Wash Auto Wash, Hanover, MA

Few Months Sold Almost 700 Units

In just a few months we have sold almost 700 Hot Wax applications In our top ultimate plus wash package and it has paid for its self about five times over!

Thank you for making such a big difference to our bottom line in short time.

Aaron, Eco Car Wash, Upstate, NY

Simoniz Sells Itself

I do not have to sell the Simoniz coverage to a customer; all I have to do is present it. Simoniz sells itself. Its reputation and name recognition do the work for me.

Shari Briglia, Liberty GMC, Peoria, AZ

Driving Profits and Pleasing Customers

Simoniz Glasscoat has been absolutely incredible for our dealership. The product is everything that it claims to be and more! Simoniz sales have certainly been a large profit center for our store and our customers have all been very happy with the results.

Jimmy Lee, Finance Director, Mission Chevrolet, El Paso, TX

Above and Beyond in Customer Service

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for Felix, our delivery driver today. Our dock was filled with stuff that one of our techs left when he emptied his van. Felix was nice enough to move it all so that he could unload the pallet. I found that to be very thoughtful of him and just wanted to let Simoniz know of an employee that went above in customer service.

Glenda Sullivan, New England Car Wash Equipment, Littleton, MA

Friendly and Reliable

I just wanted to let you know that the driver that delivers for my location (Craig) represents you guys very well. He’s always here on time, goes over the invoices and tells me if there is anything on back order before I even see the invoice. On every delivery, he offers to help put products away; I generally say no but it’s just the point that he does this. He asks or checks to see if there are empty barrels to be picked up on every delivery, always has a smile on his face and is generally very personable.

Dominic Cioffi, Store Manager, Hoffman Carwash, Latham, NY

We Just Installed the Bubblizer!

We just installed the "Bubblizer" at our wash in NJ and the first day we have it operational it is already out-producing all our other offerings, including interior cleaning. Simoniz really hit a home run with this one. Easy to install, the most amazing show with not only the foamy chemicals but the innovative lighting, the pleasant smell, all adds up to a fantastic offering. Here is the kicker, it works like nothing we have seen before. Once the word spreads that we have it I think it will not only increase ticket average but also volume.

Jason Moodie, Plaza Carwash Rt 46, West Paterson, NJ

Thanks a Bunch!

I wanted to thank you both for the recommendation to add the Simoniz Double Bond wash application to our wash offerings. After getting the new service online at all our wash locations, we saw both our average ticket per wash and our customer satisfaction improve dramatically. The customers seem to enjoy the product and I enjoy the additional revenue. The product is great and the support has been equally as good.

Stephen Dewey, Blue Wave, Texas

Connecticut Carwash Thanks Simoniz!

Connecticut Carwash is a family owned business that takes exceptional pride in the car wash industry. Therefore, as a team effort in providing the best quality wash for our customers, we enjoy working with other industry leaders and innovators that have the same quest.

Simoniz has showed us their endeavor in providing the same quality, innovation and value that we strive to achieve for our customers. We provided our Tunnel Wash with the Simoniz Hot Wax last year with striking results. The results made our decision easy to install the Hot Wax in our open-bay Vector which has exceeded our expectations on the wash itself and the response from the customers with a new service.

Our thanks goes to Simoniz in working with us to provide some new and innovative aspects to the industry and in providing the motoring public an excellent service, quality wash and something we can all be proud of.

Todd Whitehouse, Connecticut Carwash