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Car Wash Construction Materials

Constructing a car wash building depends on many factors, including type of car wash, self-serve options, in-bay automatics and tunnels.

Weather conditions also have an impact on the type of materials chosen for your construction. Colder climates may need insulating factors to meet building codes, depending on the area. Warmer climates can eliminate the need for doors, windows and heated floors.

Construction is subject to your state’s building codes and permit requirements per each count and state. National codes will also add to the local requirements.

Types of Materials for Car Wash Construction:

  • Masonry
  • Metal / Steel
  • Wood (pressure treated)
  • Plastic Formed
  • Glass Buildings
  • IWash
  • Four Bay Building video

The best type of material is a concrete which will hold up to the car wash enviroment and chemicals. These materials are split face block (or similar type) and poured concrete plastic forms. If wood is used in any car wash bays, it would be recommended to build a knee wall of block or masonary to keep the base of the wood away from the water on the floors. Pressure-treated should be used in this case.

Wall coverings are also a nice feature for reducing maintenance in the bays. If you choose not to cover the walls, then plan on repainting them once a year. The moisture will penetrate through the paint and cause rapid erosion of the block during the heating and cooling seasons. Wall coverings can be installed at any time.

When properly maintained, our rigid PVC maintains its original profile and gloss. For cleaning our panels, we recommend mild detergent. Soap scum removers work very well. You may also use a low-pressure washer, mild soap and a soft cloth. Formula 409 or multi-purpose cleaners also work well. Whatever you decide to use, make sure it is PVC-compatible and do a small spot test. Use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended.